Our story

Join venture of Tango Moon & Castle Quest, start one summer day with idea that Mark from the Tango Moon had. He contact Jasna and ask her for assistance. She like the idea. The rest is a history – one by one the event start to get more and more shape.

Our confirm TJs so far are:

57299380_2333264446958206_4447286666180165632_n_FotorAlenka Dermol A passionate traditional tango DJ & tango dancer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. She started dancing tango back in 2005, fell in love with the dance and the music and started to build her own tango music collection. She loves to travel a lot and during her travels, she plays music at milongas in different cities, different countries, on different continents – Europe, Asia, Africa, America. Every year, she travels to Argentina where she enjoys the world of tango and plays music at the best milongas in Buenos Aires – many times also at Milonga Parakultural. She organizes and DJs her own milonga La Milonguita Ljubljana, a nice monthly milonga in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Her music is full of energy and full of passion, and so are the milongas with her as a DJ. Her style is traditional, she only plays the best danceable music in the same style as it is played at milongas in Buenos Aires.

Fabian Feiguin
(DJ-Tango y NadaMas)
Born in Argentina, grew up in a Tango environment where he learned how to listen and dance this music. Currently, he lives in Italy where performs as a Tango-DJ in the milongas and Tango Festivals of Europe. His musical selections include traditional tangos “para bailar” from the late 1920s until early 1950s and recreate the sounds and flavors of the most typical Milongas of Buenos Aires.


Jo Switten, also known as deejay El Huracán, came in contact with the Tango Argentino end of the eighties. In 1990 he took his first classes and he immediately fell in love with the music, the dance and the social aspects of the milongas. Back then, there weren’t many possibilities to dance so he started to collect tango records and started as a deejay at national and international tango parties. He is a regular deejay in Bruges, Gand, Brussels, Wuppertal, Essen, Cologne, Antwerpen, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Venlo, Stuttgart, Vienna, but he also went to Paris, Prague, Istanbul, Tbilisi, Moscow and Oslo for example. On his various trips to Buenos Aires he completed his tango music collection. Jo is passionate about tango but isn’t a librarian or a archiver of tango music. He strongly believes a good milonga is about fun, about the joy of dancing and being together, without losing the authentic character of a real Argentine salón de tango. Get ready for a night full of dancing and good ambiance.


Thierry Pires also known as deejay Thierry El Rojo, coming from France – dancer and tango-DJ in the milongas and Tango Festivals in Europe. His selection of music is for the dancer, traditional with few tanda out of traditional just to give a beautiful mixture.

Your host Jasna dancer, organizer of many milongas in Croatia, and encuentro “Embrace in Paradise” at Plitvice Lake, tango teacher together with Mark  also a dancer, tango teacher and organizer of many tango events and milongas in UK.

                   Los esperamooooooos!!!